Brage Academy

About Us

International Online Language School Located i Norway

Lisa Andersen - CMO
Olaf Rudolfsen - Founder & CEO

Brage Academy - Our Story

Brage Academy was founded by Olaf Rudolfsen with the purpose of developing a complete International Online Language Academy with a head office in Norway.

Named Brage Academy, after the son of Odin, from the Norse & Viking Mythology. All based on the history related to  the Scandinavian Germanic People.

Who is Brage? The name behind our Academy

Brage is the son of Odin from Norse mythology of Norway.

The name Brage is related to the word bragd. Means when you plan a great deed, you must say it loud and clear while many people have gathered for a party and you have started toasting. This is called taking a Brage bowl. In fact, it is the case that intoxication awakens Brage’s creative spirit.

In Norse mythology , Brage is the god of poetry and bards. Brage is the son of Odin and he is married to Idunn. He shares the role of god of poets with his father Odin. Brage was very wise and eloquent, but has a relatively anonymous place in mythology.

He is also known as the kitchen master in Valhall. This can be interpreted as meaning that Brage is simply one of Odin’s many figures. This can be interpreted as meaning that Brage is simply one of Odin’s many figures. Perhaps he originates from the bard Brage the Old (From the year approx 790 – 850)

Our Language Teachers

Our teachers speak different languages. Only the best is good enough for our Students.

Jack Lee

English and Chinese Mandarin Language Courses.

Hiram Zoya

English, Arabic and Norwegian Lessons. Part time Worker.

Elisa Andersen

English and Norwegian Language Courses.

Alexander Olsen

English and Norwegian Language Courses.

Our Yoga Instructors

We offer Yoga Classes One to One and also for small online groups

Milosz Grzeskowiak

Polish Yoga Instructor living in Norway. Groups & One to One 

Aranya Lampong

Thai Yoga Instructor living in Norway. Groups & One to One

What Our Students Have to Say

I am so thankful to Brage Academy for helping me to learn English better. I am from Spain and my english was not good before. Now I feel ready to move on to somewhere in Scandinavia to find work.
Alejandro Hernandez
From Badajoz, Spain
When I went to Norway I tried to get in to a Public Norwegian Language School. It was closed down. Brage Academy, Thank you so much! I now passed A1 and got great offer to jump into A2 advanced level.
Zasha Panchenko
From Mariupol Ukraine
I am Asian with some mixed Viking blood and I started Norwegian A1 level one week ago. Its soo hard to learn, but I will finish this level within 1 month with Brage Academy. Very Good Concept.
Hiraoka Fusazane
From Fukuoka Japan
I am originally form Indonesia, educated engineer working for a constructing company. With Brage Academy I double booked both Norwegian and English into one package. Super Effective.
Aditya Gunawan
From Bali, Indonesia